Gas Oven Tandoor

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Now you can cook Tandoori pleasures at your home on your gas stove. Make grilled and tandoori veg. or non-veg. kababs, tikkas and roasts. Tandoori rotis, naans and parathas. Make cakes and bakes on your gas! Just an incredible range of cooking is now possible with this dream appliance everyone loves to have in their kitchen.

Features :

  • Convection method of cooking : Food is cooked with 360 degrees hot air rotation. This saves time, and the food gets cooked from all directions. 3-dimensional cooking techniques ensure crisp coating with juicy interiors.
  • Professional Cooking: Gas Oven Tandoor enables you to become a professional chef in a jiffy. Things which could be cooked in a traditional clay oven can now be cooked on your own gas stove without using electricity!
  • Prevents odour, smoke & splashing oil : The Gas Oven Tandoor is designed to remove fat and grease immediately as it forms which prevents the odour and smoke, giving you natural, oil-free, healthy meals and a healthy family.

  • Contents :

  • Toughened Glass Lid : traps hot air inside and helps cook food in a jiffy.
  • Heat reflector : specially designed to circulate heat all over the food. Cook even without using the lid
  • Non-stick Tandoor tray : can be used to cook tandoori delights.
  • Non-stick baking tray : can be used for cakes, lasagne, muffins etc
  • Bottom steel tray : fits perfectly on your gas stove.
  • Specifications
    • Brand: Wonderchef
    • Material: Aluminium
    • Coating Type: Non-Stick
    • Induction: NA
    • Warranty: 1 Year

    Package Contents:

    • Gas Oven Tandoor - 1 Pc

    Product Weight:

    • Actual Product Weight: 3 Kg
    • After Packing Weight: 3.5 Kg

    Actual Product Size:

    • 35*14*36cm

    Packing Size (LBH in cm):

    • 36*15*37cm

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