Wonderchef Secura 5 Pressure Cooker- 4 Ltr

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The Safest Pressure Cooker ever in India
Wonderchef Secura 5 Pressure Cooker comes with 5 Essential Safety Features.

- Low-Pressure Valve: Indicates steam formation by rising up at 5KPA pressure (open the cooker only when this valve is down). It releases steam in-case the whistle is blocked & the inside pressure rises to 130KPA
- High-Pressure Valve: Releases steam when pressure is above 180KPA
- Gasket Release System: In case very high pressure builds up, the gasket itself releases extra pressure
- Anti-Clog Safety Cap: Located below the steam vent inside the lid, the cap prevents clogging of vent for added safety
- Non-Slip Grip:  Easy hold with full fingers and hand inside the handle
- +3ply base for quick heating Steel-aluminium-Steel layers also save energy
- *KPA= Kilopascal (Kilopascal is a unit of pressure)
- Reliable Wonderchef Warranty

Box Content

Tech Specs :

  • Material : 304 Stainless Steel 18/10
  • Warranty : 5 Years
  • Type : Pressure Cooker

Package Contents :

  • Pressure Cooker : 4L - 1Pc
  • Glass Lid : 1Pc
  • Steamer : 1Pc
  • Silicone gasket : 1 Pc

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