9 Iced Coffee Hacks

Humanity runs on coffee and my birthstone is a coffee-bean.
Here are some cool hacks to enhance your coffee experience.

1- The best time to drink coffee

According to science, it's best to drink coffee between 9:30am & 11:330am and between 1:30pm & 5pm.

Why so, your body produces cortisol, which has revitalizing function and is produced in quite regular time frames- from 8am to 9am, between 12pm and 1pm, and after 5:30pm.

Unfortunately, caffeine and cortisol don't work together that well, so it's better to drink coffee within the remaining time frames.

2- Prepare cold brew

Save your time in the morning and prepare cold brew coffee a day before so it can brew while you're sleeping. Add ice cubes and freshly brewed coffee to a shaker and shake, shake, shake for 1-2 minutes.


3-When your coffee is too bitter...

Add a pinch of salt. Yes, it might sound strange at first, but salt is a flavor enhancer and makes coffee taste less bitter overall by bringing out its other flavors.

4-Freeze coffee in ice cubes

Using normal ice cubes leads to watery iced coffee eventually. But you deserve nothing but the perfect iced coffee, so let's be very smart and freeze the coffee itself. Now you only have to add milk- yeah!

5-What to do with spent coffee grounds?

Don't throw them away, use them as a fertilizer for your plants.

Another great use is to spread the powder in cockroaches infested areas. Yes, Coffee bean powder acts as a repellent to cockroaches, so make sure to sprinkle some powder in your kitchen hideouts.

6- What to do with extra coffee

Your coffee grounds are now already reused, but what about this last cup of coffee?

Bake with it, or freeze it to make tasty coffee flavored popsicles

7- Prepare Homemade syrup

Syrups are quite expensive when you buy it. Better prepare it at home yourself.

Add 120ml water in a saucepan, add 100gm sugar.

Bring to a simmer over medium heat, cook until sugar is fully dissolved. Transfer to an airtight container. Let it cool.

Use in a variety of cold drinks as a sweetener. You can also add coffee powder into syrup for making it coffee essence.

8- How to transport it

If you are in a hurry and want to drink iced coffee to-go, either use a resealable jar or a travel mug with a straw.

9-Remember those coffee ice cubes?

You can also do it with milk. Same-same but different. Freeze milk ahead and add cold brew afterwards. Cheers!